Hello, I am Chris SP4K. Thanks for visiting my hamradio webpage.

I am 42 years old (as of 2014), married, a lawyer by education, business development consultant and university assistant professor (faculty of law and administration) by profession.

I became radio-addicted in 1991, when I passed an exam and received my very first licence and callsign SP4TKK. I have been very active on HF bands for a number of years - those were my school and university times. Somewhere between 1996 and 2007 I have had long break from the hobby due to personal commitments and nature of my professional life. Still, have been somewhat radio-connected by taking an active role in the ITU World Radio Conferences of 1997 and 2000, where some important hamradio-related matters were decided by the ITU Member Administrations. In 1996 have also had a pleasure to spend a week in the ARRL HQ, where I received Amateur Radio Administration course in the framework of USTTI/DoS scholarship.

Anyways, it was 4th of July 2007, when I came back to the hobby, with my brand new callsign - SP4K. Deep, deep down in the solar minimum I started my DX record almost right from the scratch, as very little (in terms of QSLs) remained from my TKK times. After six and a half years, on 26th of January 2014 I reached one of my main goals - ARRL Honor Roll with 331 DXCCs in sack ( qualifying QSO was FT5ZM Amsterdam Island ). Now I concentrate on 144MHz EME activities to reach 11 Bands DXCC - still not awarded to anyone in Poland.

Please lookup my dedicated EME webpage at: www.krassowski.pl/eme

In major HF contests I have utilized my personal contest call HF4K. QSL for this one is via LoTW.

Chris SP4K (c) 2009-2014